What is the Vietnam Embassy, Consulate and Immigration Department?

By Duyet Vo | June 06, 2018

A foreign embassy is the official office of one country in another. It is usually in the capital city of the other country. It is where the ambassador and other representatives of the home country work. Much of the diplomacy (talk) between the two governments happens there. They represent their country to the host government.

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A consulate is a small diplomatic office of one country in another country. If the first country has an ambassador in the other country, the main diplomatic office, located in the capital city is called an Embassy and in this situation, any consulates would be located in other large towns and cities. However if there is no embassy, the consulate could be in the capital city. Consulates usually do not perform all of the functions of an embassy.

Consulates usually deal with questions about passports for their own citizens, visas for foreigners wanting to visit the consulate's home country and licenses for entry and exit.

Over the last decade, relations between Vietnam and all other countries in the world have developed quickly in many areas - especially in tourism. The relationship between Vietnam and all other countries in Asia, America, Africa, Australia, and Europe are considered to be of strategic importance to Vietnam. With the goal of establishing the best environment for foreigners to visit and do business in Vietnam, Vietnam Embassies/Consulates has been opened in almost all foreign countries.

Vietnam Immigration Department is a bureau under the Vietnam Ministry of Public Security. Its function is to supervise, approve or discipline foreigners in immigrating or migrating to and from Vietnam.


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