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By Admin | October 28, 2017

How to get a Business Vietnam Visa from USA

All U.S passport holders need to obtain a visa in order to enter Vietnam. Nowadays, getting a Vietnam visa for U.S citizens have been made much easier & conveniently with Vietnam Visa On Arrival method.

However, Vietnam visa on arrival is applicable for those who going to Vietnam by air only. Thus, if the US businessmen are planning to Vietnam by land or sea, they should apply visa at 1 of Vietnam Embassies/ Vietnam Consulates in United States.


General Vietnam Business Information

  • Learning laws and regulations that are incomplete, ambiguous and subject to different conflicting interpretations by different government agencies.
  • It needs to be guarded 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for all construction projects, plant, and equipment built, purchased or brought into Vietnam.
  • Parties to contracts in Vietnam can agree to apply foreign law to deal with issues not yet provided for under Vietnamese law, as long as the agreement is not inconsistent with any provision of Vietnamese law.
  • Select tough, experienced Asian smart management people for your project. Doing business in Vietnam is so complicated that the educational experience can be costly. It is not a place for beginners or weaklings.
  • Vietnamese employees must be treated with respect, paid fairly and on time and that Vietnamese labor laws and regulations are strictly complied with.
  • Keep away from the overcharge of any new or used things or consumer goods you are trading into Vietnam. Government officials are very attentive to this so any problem can cause you insuperable especially if you are going to join joint venture business here.
  • The Vietnamese banking system is in its early stage therefore, the lending capacity of local banks is very restrained
  • The Vietnamese government is becoming increasingly astute at enforcing its tax laws against foreigners and foreign controlled enterprises. Once you have been accused of violating those or any other Vietnamese laws, you will have a real and possibly catastrophic problem on your hands.
  • Vietnam has entered into few tax and investment protection treaties or agreements with other countries. In doing the financial analysis of a project, the financial impact of the presence or absence of such treaties or agreements with your country (particularly the absence of a foreign tax credit) must be carefully taken into account.
  • Corruption is a fact of life at many levels of Vietnamese governmental bodies and business. You must learn in advance how to deal with it and how to avoid getting caught in the crossfire of competing demands. Persons convicted of corruption are now being sentenced to death or to long prison terms.
  • Obtain in advance all the governmental and non-governmental approvals you can anticipate will be required and such assurances as can be reasonably obtained from the highest possible level of the government that the terms and conditions of your investment (including taxes, duties, import and export quotas etc.) are not only approved but will not be changed without your consent. The higher you go, the more insurance your project should enjoy.
  • Make sure the Investment License granted sets forth unambiguously all of the approvals and incentives you require for the operation of your business and do not hesitate to appeal if the terms of the Investment License fall short of those you requested in your investment application.
  • If you are going to manufacture principally for export, locate your project in a self-sufficient export processing zone such as the Tan Thuan Export Processing Zone in Ho Chi Minh City, the Nomura-Haiphong Industrial Zone (not EPZ) in the northern city of Hai Phong.
  • If you are going to manufacture or have manufactured for export from Vietnam any products, make absolutely sure before you invest any significant sum or contract for the purchase of any goods that you or the exporter are assured in writing by the proper governmental agency(ies) that you or they will have an adequate and guaranteed export quota for the products manufactured and that this quota will be permitted for a defined period of time.

Hope these information will be usefull to those whom want to do bussiness in Vietnam!

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