Some differences of Vietnam visa category - Tourist and Business purpose

By Hong | March 27, 2018

Since  January 1st, 2015, the new immigration law approved by National Assembly of Vietnam completes a new structure and duration with 20 different categories. Not only the length of staying and number of entry but also the administrative procedures for obtaining a visa extension, work permit or temporary residence card will be based on the visiting purpose. So, please take note some differences between two most common visa category before you apply visa for Vietnam:



  • Same procedures, no documents needed. The applicants can apply online.
  • Has single and multiple entries as an optional choice.
  • Able to obtain Visa on arrival, get a visa at Vietnam Embassy and apply e-visa.
  • Extension visa is available.



  • Visa category: DL
  • Validity: from 1 - 3 months
  • 6 month multiple and 1-year multiple entries are not available.
  • Processing fee: about US $20 - $110.
  • Can extend the visa for the longer stay just a few times for a high fee.( Ex: 1-month extension take ~ US $80, and US $250 for 3-month single Or multiple entry), but the tourists have to leave Vietnam and stamp a new visa at the border Or International airports.
  • Besides, the tourist visa cannot obtain a work permit or temporary residence card. The only way is changing the visa category to business visa by leaving Vietnam and back.


  • Visa category: DN
  • Validity: is longer from 1 month up to 1 year.
  • 6 month multiple and 1-year multiple entries are available.
  • Processing fee: about US $80 - $480. It may be higher than the fee of the tourist visa however, the extension will be easier and cheaper, no need to leave Vietnam as the tourist does.
  • Extend visa as many times as possible without leaving Vietnam.
  • A good choice for whom plans to obtain the work permit/ temporary residence card because the applicant does not need to leave Vietnam.


If you want to change the visa category from tourist visa OR visa exemption (Free visa) ... into a business visa, get a temporary residence card, but don't want to leave Vietnam, you can contact our hotline (+84) 941.226.779 or email for free advice.


Have a nice trip!

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