List of investment sectors have conditions applied to the foreign investor in Vietnam

By Hong | May 21, 2018

In general, any investment of foreigners is encouraged in Vietnam. However, the foreign investors should be aware of the conditions applied to their investment in Vietnam before setting up a company or business enterprise in Vietnam.

Please take a look at the following sectors with their conditions. A regulation which is issued at Decree 108/2006/ND-CP dated on September 22nd, 2006 by Vietnam Government guides the implementation of some Articles in the Vietnamese law on investment:

  1. Radio and television.
  2. Production, publication, and distribution of cultural products.
  3. Mining and mineral processing.
  4. Set up a telecommunication network infrastructures, broadcasting, provide telecommunications and internet services.
  5. Construction of the public postal network, provide postal services, delivery services.
  6. Construction and operation of river ports, sea ports, airport.
  7. Transportation of goods and passengers by railway, airway, road, sea, inland waterway.
  8. Fishing.
  9. Tobacco production.
  10. Real estate business.
  11. Business in the field of export, import and distribution.
  12. Education and training.
  13. Hospital and clinic.
  14. Other areas of investment in the international treaties to which Vietnam is a member that restricting the market access for foreign investors.

The conditions required by Vietnamese laws on investment toward the foreign investors are business requirements that the investors must meet after the incorporation of their company, not as a condition for receiving the investment license. However, in the case of any foreign investor applies for any investment license, the law requires that all business conditions must be satisfied before the grant of the investment license.

Conditions that the foreign investors have to meet may be related to the forms of the investment, the nationality of foreign investors, the professional expertise of the investor, the scale of investment projects, type of goods and services, timely implementation of investment projects.

Besides the business conditions, the foreign investors have to prove experience in the trading area before establishing their business in Vietnam.

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