How to go sightseeing Vietnam without getting lost?

By Admin | October 28, 2017

Vietnam is one of the cheapest countries for traveling. While nature is a huge magnet of Vietnam, the nation’s culture and history are also attractive. To help you prepare well for the trip in Vietnam, this article will guide you what you should do before you visit this nation.


Vietnam Travel Guide – Vietnam Maps

One of the most important things for a trip in Vietnam is a good, dependable map of the country’s roads. However, there is no online map or printed map of Vietnam has all the roads marked on it as the road network in Vietnam is in a constant state of change. Therefore, you should cross check these three sources: online maps, printed maps, and local knowledge.

Printed Maps                                         

Although there are many Vietnam printed maps available, they are not wholly accurate, reliable, and regularly and thoroughly updated.  However, they are still useful.

The Travel Map of Vietnam is clearly presented, conveniently packaged, and annually updated. At first glance, it seems lack of detail and fold-out format, but, over the years, this map is the only one that does add some new roads to its content with each new edition. It may be not easy to find a new copy of this map, but you can try finding it at the nearest Bookstore.

Online Maps

It is an incredibly useful tool to have on a road trip in Vietnam. 3G and 4G are readily available all over Vietnam, making access to online maps relatively easy. Besides, many of online maps are now available offline too. However, they are not infallible and even satellite images can’t keep up with the pace of Vietnam’s road building.

Google Maps (  is the most famous online maps. Many roads that aren’t marked on printed maps are clearly visible on Google Maps, and the GPS function is a great help when you’re on the road. However, you cannot use it without the Internet connection. Google cannot keep up with the pace of change in Vietnam as well.

OpenStreetMap ( has become popular recently. This map is crowd-sourced; it can be updated by any users at any time. The app is perfect for a country like Vietnam, where roads are often changed. However, it is only as good, up-to-date, and accurate as the people who contribute information to it. ( is an app that uses the data collected by OpenStreetMap to create a map that’s available offline, so no matter where you are in Vietnam, you can access to it.

Local Knowledge

Although consulting different printed and online maps will help you know which roads exist, they cannot give you the current condition of the roads. Thus, local knowledge is a great idea. Before taking a road that you are unsure of, ask local people for their opinion of that route. Local people are able to inform you of road closures owing to landslides or major road works ahead, they can also tell you about new roads, recently completed and not yet marked on any maps. However, you still have to cross check the information you receive.

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