How to get work permit in Vietnam the foreigners not in exemption list?

By Hong | March 26, 2018

Foreign labors, working in Vietnam and not in the work permit exemption list, have to apply for work permit issued by the Ministry of Labor, War Invalid & Social Welfare. Please take a look the common questions & answers you should know before visiting the local authority.

>> Who is exempt for work permit in Vietnam?

>> Why should a foreigner apply for work permit in Vietnam?

>> How does the English center obtain work permit for the foreign teachers in Vietnam?

1. What if the foreign employees work in Vietnam without a permit?

Answer: Any expats work in Vietnam without work permt (except where they're exempted by the Ministry of Labor, War Invalid & Social Welfare) will be expelled from the country and forbidden entering Vietnam a long time.

2. Who have to apply work permit in Vietnam? 

Answer: Any foreigners working in Vietnam (expept in work permit exemption case) must apply a work permit provide by the Ministry of Labor, War Invalid & Social Welfare.

3. How to get work permit in Vietnam?

The necessary documents must be submitted to the ministry at least 15 days prior to beginning of employment. Documents must include:

- A request written by the employer for a work permits for the employee.

- A medical certificate, issued by authorized agencies either abroad or in Vietnam and valid for 12 months.

- Criminal record from the country of origin. If the employee has resided in Vietnam, he only needs to obtain this from the Vietnamese authorities.

- Documents to support qualifications as managers, executives, professionals or technical workers. In other cases, these documents can be replaced by:

  • A certificate for traditional craft
  • An experience qualification for a soccer player.
  • An aircraft license issued by authorized agencies in Vietnam for foreign pilots.
  • An aircraft maintenance license issued by authorized agencies in Vietnam for foreign aircraft maintenance technicians.

- Proof of employment with foreign companies that send staff to work in Vietnam

- Two color photos (size 4cm x 6cm, white background, looking forward, bareheaded, no colored glasses), taken within the last six months.

- Notarized copy of passport

Documents provided by foreign companies and organizations must go through a process of consular notarization before being sent to the Ministry of Labor, War Invalids, & Social Welfare.

Within 07 (seven) working days, the Ministry will issue the work permit or state the reasons why the employee is ineligible.

The work permit is valid for 2 years.

After getting a work permit, the foreign employee and employer sign an employment contract and provide a copy of contract to the ministry.

4. How much to get work permit?

The maximum charge are fixed by the local administrators:

  • New issue: Up to 600.000 VND/permit (at HCMC about 400.000 VND/permit)
  • Renewal work permit: Up to 450.000/permit (at HCMC about 300.000 VND/permit)

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